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120k   1200+


Tracking the route with GPS - Unmarked route


Friday 20st of September, 2019

  • from 19:00h to 20:00h: received from the cyclists and delivery of numbers

  • Place: The Service Course

1rst Stage start day Saturday September 21st, 2019

Place of departure and arrival La Copa - La Devesa



Delivery of numbers from 8:00h. to 8:30h (only for those who can not go there on Friday)

Closed park open time 8:00h

Departure time 8:30h

Drawer position system  First day, in order of arrival

Maximum time to complete the track 9h

Approximate time first rider 4h 25

First rider arrived 12:55h

Closing of finish line 17:30h

Real distance 120K

Elevation gain 1200m

Playing field. Tracks 90%, Asphalt 10%

Mandatory material helmet and mobile phone


Individual categories Absolut Masculine Absolut Femenine

Team categories Male, Female and Mixed

Number of aid stations 4

Aid Station Products ( in the race ) 3 + Aid Station to the finish line

Kilometric aid stations supplies:

Aid Station 1: km 25 Esgésia Sant Mateu de Montnegre

Aid Station Products:

Liquid: water, flectomin, pepsi.

Snack: banana, orange, sweets, dried fruit, quince.

Solid: potato omelette, fuet, german bread(*)

Security and accidents Call the organization's phones, have them printed on race bib

Mandatory material Helmet, mobile phone and full drinking bottle

Urban sections neutralized

Tracking the route with GPS - Unmarked route

Bicycle cleaning service  La Copa - La Devesa


Check the classification of the stage in real time as soon as you enter

Attention, this is the real distance and the elevation gain that you must complete


STAGE 1: 118km 1200+

STAGE 2: 87km 1200+


Attention, it’s important that you know that the 2 stages leave the center of Girona neutralized, and until the race director doesn't indicate it, the race will not be launched. Stage 1 at km 4.5 and Stage 2 at km 3.


Attention, it’s important that you know that the real arrival with the timing tent of the 2 stages will not be in the Center of Girona, it will be a little earlier, on the outskirts.

Stage 1: Finish line at km 112 of a total of 118km

Stage 2: Finish line at km 84.5 of a total of 87km


Once you have crossed the finish line, the race will be over. Please, relax, circulate slowly and with caution. In the first stage, we give you 15 minutes to reach the arrival zone and cross the second fictional finish line, and in the second stage, we give you 10 minutes to reach the arrival zone and cross the second fictional finish line. Remember that it’s mandatory to cross the 2 finish lines at each stage, and that during the neutralized journey between the 2, you cannot overtake your teammates and you will have to ride around the city between the general traffic. Please, extreme precautions.


Attention, it’s mandatory that once you have crossed the real finish line where your time is recorded, you arrive at the starting area and follow the second finish line exactly where your GPS and official race track indicates.


Attention, because the roads are open to all users, even low speed vehicles. Please, ride with caution and on the right side.


Attention, it’s important that you know that each stage has 2 or 3 neutralized points of 100 meters to 300 meters. At the beginning of the section you will find a person who indicates it, and at the end, a signal indicating the end of it. They are usually road sections or urbanized areas.

What should you do in these sections? Very easy, circulate with special caution and moderate the speed, and if you are competing with your opponents, it’s totally forbidden to overpass them in one of these sections.


Important, inside the bag that you will pick up on Friday, you will find a sticker with the level and distance profile of each stage, and the exact mileage of each provision station. Please, place the sticker on your bike to remember where the supplies are, when the climbs arrive and the stage ends.