41 · 50 · 67KM

25-26-27 april 2023
Departure time: 09:30

25/04/23 Zipp Gravel ride – The Traka Climb recon

A 67km ride with strong focus on gravel letting you explore the major climb of TRAKA 200 which is also 1 of the 2 most significant climbs on the 360. A 3km steep climb with stunning views before a false peak and steep descent followed by another steep climb before descending to what will be the final aid station on race day. Along the route we’ll also point out some of the best camp spots for those of you who don’t want to ride the 360 in 1 go.

26/04/23 SRAM Gravel ride

A 50km, mixed terrain tour taking you on the first 23km of the Traka 200 and Traka 360 route. A part design by Klassmark to challenge riders early into the race and split the fields apart. This is a crucial part of the race to know.

27/04/23 Little XPLR Gravel ride to warm up your legs

An easy but beautiful 41km warm up ride for the TRAKA weekend. Mixed terrain with some fun to ride gravel through the forest and along the river. Bring your swim trunks on a sunny day as we have a little SRAM surprise waiting for you 15km before home in a location that also offers a welcome dip in the river on a hot day.


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Route information

  • 25/04/23 Zipp Gravel ride – The Traka Climb recon
    • Departure and arrival La Comuna Café drinks provided by Zipp (Bellaire, 7, 17004 Girona)
    • Distance: 67km
    • Positive elevation gain: +1,100m
    • Terrain: Mostly gravel
    • Plus: Gift from Zipp
    • Limit: 20 riders, register!
  • 26/04/23 SRAM Gravel ride
    • Distance: 50km
    • Departure Trek Bicycle Girona store (Carrer Nou 33-35, 17001 Girona)
    • Arrival Idle Hands – drinks provided by SRAM (Plaça Bell-Lloc, 4, 17004 Girona)
    • Distance: 50km
    • Positive difference in level: +600m
    • Terrain: Mixed
    • Plus: Gift from SRAM
    • Limit: 25 riders; sign up!
  • 27/04/23 Little XPLR Gravel ride to warm up the legs
    • Departure Velòdrom (Carrer de l’Argenteria, 9, 17001 Girona)
    • Arrival Oniria Café – drinks included (C. del Nord, 11, 17001 Girona
    • Distance: 41km
    • Positive difference in level: +210m
    • Terrain: mixed with mostly gravel
    • Plus: Gift from SRAM, Zipp and RockShox
    • Limit: 25 riders; sign up!

It’s not a race; it’s a social ride! Let’s go out and arrive together!