3.42KM +250M

30 April 2025
Departure time: 18:00
Font del Ferro - Girona

The Sant Miquel castle is one of the most iconic places for outdoor sports lovers in Girona. Everyone in Girona has climbed it more than once either walking, running or cycling. Can you think of a better setting to initiate the spark of The Traka? On Wednesday April 26th we await you for the Pas Normal Studios Hill Climb Challenge, a fast and explosive hill climb where you, on your own, will fight against the clock. If you are ranked amongst the top five athletes in your category and participate in the 200K distance, you will have earned a spot in the first start pen. All participants are invited to the after party of the Pas Normal Studios Hill Climb Challenge while we enjoy the fascinating views of the city of Girona from the top of Sant Miquel.

Route information

  • Arrival food area
    Site: Sant Miquel Castle – Girona
    Time: until 20:00
  • Product feeding areas
    Arrival: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink , beer & paella

Individual categories

    • Absolut woman
    • Absolut man
    • No binary
  1. The Pas Normal Studio Hill Climb is a timed climb to the top of Sant Miquel from the Font del Ferro spring, joining two of the most iconic places in Girona.
  2. We will have individual and free starts from 18:00h.
  3. Participants have to follow the route marked by the event organisers, however we recommend to download the track onto a GPS device.
  4. It is recommended to participate with a conventional gravel bike, but all types of bikes are allowed.
  5. Cyclists participating with electric bicycles will be excluded from the competition.
  6. The first three male, female and non-binary athletes will be awarded.
  7. The first five male, female and non-binary athletes will earn a place in the first start pen of the 200k course; in case they participate in this distance.