GPS Route - Unmarked Course Gravel Earth Series Challenge

3 MAY 2024
Start: 06:00
Parc de les ribes del ter
5 feed zones
Max. time 32h

The Traka is a non-competitive bike outing that takes place on paths and through villages.

Ethics, camaraderie, and respect for the environment are the most important values we demand from participants. Participants are allowed to stop for meals, dinner, lunch, bike repairs, or sleep, as long as they resume the route where they last left off.

Participants will be guided by GPS navigation. Strict compliance with the traffic code and all its indications is mandatory.


  • Distance and Altitude
  • Actual Distance: 360 km
  • Timed Distance: 360 km
  • Positive Elevation Gain: +5.000 m
  • Accumulated Elevation Gain: 10.000 m
  • Maximum Altitude: 420 m
  • Minimum Altitude: 0 m
  • Terrain
  • Gravel: 311 km
  • Asphalt: 49 km
  • First Participant’s Time: 13 hours 20 minutes
  • First Female Participant’s Time: 18 hours 30 minutes
  • Cut-off Time: 32 hours
  • Time Checkpoints (passing control)
  • Feed Zone 1: To determinate
  • Feed Zone 2: To determinate
  • Feed Zone 3: To determinate
  • Feed Zone 4: To determinate
  • Feed Zone 5: To determinate
  • Finish: 2.00 PM Saturday
  • Daylight hours Saturday 29 April 15:00
  • Night hours from Saturday 29 April to Sunday 30 April: 9:00
  • GPS Route (Unmarked)
  • Tracking via geolocator

The Traka is a gravel or MTB bike outing where traffic rules must be adhered to and respected. Paths, roads, and village interiors are open to traffic

    Welcome to Girona. Don’t miss any details of The Traka. Check the schedule HERE
    Thursday 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM in Parc de les ribes del ter.
    We will check the white front light, the red rear light, the brakes, the handlebars, and the pedal axle. Once your bike is verified, we will attach a label..
    Thursday 3.30 to 7.00 PM in Parc de les ribes del ter.
    During the collection of the trackers, you will receive the tracker turned off. You will need to turn it on Saturday morning when you leave home, the hotel, or apartment, and before reaching the starting point. Remember to attach it to the top of your backpack. You cannot turn it on during the night. At the starting checkpoint, we will verify that everything is in order. Tracking will be done through Track the Race.
    Our main goal is to leave no trace. The route is completely open to traffic. Please respect traffic rules and the rural and human life of the surroundings. Catalonia is a safe place. You will not encounter conflicts or dangerous wild animals. Remember to always keep an eye on your bike
    Love and respect for the environment, sportsmanship, and solidarity with all your fellow participants. The Traka 360 is an opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful areas of our territory with gravel, leaving no trace. Your goal is to finish; ours is to take care of you to the fullest.
    You can deviate from the track to eat, drink, sleep, or repair your bike. Afterwards, you will have to resume the route from the same point where you left it. In case of abandonment, you must arrange your return. Remember that it is strictly prohibited to return via highways and national roads.
    The organization may modify the track for weather-related reasons until the day before. Any changes will be communicated via email. The final tracks will be sent the same week as the race. The notable part of the route is the first 25 km, designed with two challenging climbs and slow sections to break up potential large groups. Additionally, the route passes through the Cap de Creus Natural Park and includes a 7 km singletrack section.
    Once the track is uploaded to the GPS, check that the map is correctly uploaded. All paths are clear; if you encounter a path covered with branches, you must turn back. In case you come across a road blocked due to a traffic accident or construction, you can recalculate to return to the track as soon as possible.
    In the event of a physical or mechanical emergency, you can take any means of transportation, but you must communicate it to the organization beforehand. To continue, you will have to restart the route from the same point where you left it.
    Carrying the appropriate equipment is your responsibility, but the rear red light, the front white light, the mobile phone without silencing in case we need to call you, and the geolocator that we will provide are mandatory. It is also highly recommended to have a bell to alert pedestrians. The rest of the equipment to face 360 km is up to you: sleeping bag, food, credit cards, etc.
  • Receiving external assistance outside of the Life Bases.
  • Riding on the left side of the paths.
  • Exceeding 20 km/h inside the villages.
  • Advancing inside the villages.
  • Not respecting traffic rules.
  • Drafting in a group without taking a turn at the front (i.e., set your own pace and do not depend on anyone)
    You will receive a geolocator. Both the organization and your friends or family can track you through tracktherace.com.
    A support and safety team will follow you throughout the 36 hours of the event. Emergency contact numbers can be found on your race bib. Remember that you must have insurance to participate. If you haven’t purchased it at the time of registration because you already have one, make sure it covers the full 36 hours
    There will be a life bag service at Feed Zone 3. It can be dropped off during Thursday’s check-in from 16:00 to 19:00. Pickup will be available on Saturday from 13:00 at Parc de les Ribes del Ter.
    80% well-maintained gravel paths, 5% singletrack, and 15% secondary roads. For us, the best tire choice, if you are a skilled rider, is 40mm, and if you are less technical, between 42mm and 45mm. It is also always advisable to use 700c wheels
    There will be a single start at six in the morning.
    The temperatures at this time of the year range between 15 and 25 degrees, depending on whether it’s cloudy or sunny. The northern part of the route may experience the Tramontana wind; there are about 150 days of north wind per year. However, it’s not a common occurrence, but it’s always good to be prepared. Keep in mind that the Mediterranean climate is very diverse and changeable. You may encounter rain or wind during the event




  • Obsequio oficial
  • Tasa ambiental
  • Placa personalitzada con bridas
  • Cronometraje y chip
  • C√≥digo Komoot para descargar el track
  • Tiempo online
  • Fotograf√≠as online
  • Zona alimentaci√≥n pre salida (desayuno)
  • Zona alimentaci√≥n en ruta
  • Zona alimentaci√≥n de llegada
  • Servicio guarda ropa
  • Asistencia en ruta
  • Punto m√©dico
  • Duchas y aseos
  • Parking turismos
  • Servicio fisioterapia (viernes en Base de vida 3 de 16:00 a 21:00 y sabado de 11:00 a 19:00)
  • Zona de descanso en ruta en la Base de vida 3

* Remember that in the life bases, we do not provide any single-use containers

  • Life Bag: Yes. Location: Feed Zone 3 It can be dropped off during Friday’s check-in from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Pickup will be available on Sunday starting at 1:00 PM in the arrival area
  • Feed zone: 5
    Feed zone 1. To determinate
    Feed zone 2. To determinate 
    Feed zone 3.
    To determinate
    Feed zone 4. To determinate
    Feed zone 5. To determinate

  • Finish feed zone
    Site: Parc de les ribes del ter
    Time: until 2 PM
  • Feed zone product
    Feed zone 1,4 & 5: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, banana, orange, candies, quince, cacao and hazelnut cream, nuts, olives and potato omelette. All free gluten.
    Feed zone 2 & 3: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, banana, orange, candies, quince, cacao and hazelnut cream, nuts, olives, potato omelette (all free gluten) and pasta or rice
    Finish: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, fruit, quince, cacao and hazelnut cream, nuts, olives, potato omelette (all free gluten) and pasta or rice.

Individual categories

    • Absolut¬†woman
    • Absolut man
    • No binary

E-Bike category

  • There will be only one starting corral.
  • E-Bike are allowed.
  • Regulations