GPS Route - Unmarked Course

5 MAY 2024
Start Time: 08:00 AM
Parc de les ribes del ter
1 feed zone
Max. time 4h

The Traka is a non-competitive bicycle outing that takes place on gravel roads, sections of paved roads and trails completely open to the traffic of any other vehicle, such as trucks, tractors, hunters, neighbors or tourists.

Strict compliance with the highway code is mandatory, driving in the right lane at all times and respecting all indications.

Ethics, camaraderie and respect for the environment are the most important values that we demand of participants. Participants can stop for lunch, dinner, lunch, bike repairs, or sleep, as long as they resume the route where they last left off.

Information track

  • Start and finish: Parc de les ribes del ter
  • Distance and altitude
    Real distance: 48,8k
    Positive elevation gain: +700m
    Accumulated elevation gain: 1400m
    Maximum Altitude: 360m
    Minimum Altitude: 10m
  • Terrain
    85% gravel
    15% asphalt
  • First Participant’s Time: 1h45m
  • Cut-off Time: 4h00m
  • Time checkpoints (passing control)
    Feed Zone 1. To determinate
    FINISH LINE. 12:00 AM
  • GPS Route (Unmarked)

Services We Offer:

  • Official gift
  • Environmental tax
  • Personalized plate with flanges
  • Timing and chip
  • Online time
  • Online Photos
  • Feed zone pre route (breakfast)
  • Feed zone on track
  • Feed zone at finish
  • Wardrobe service
  • Assistance en route
  • Medical point
  • Showers and toilets
  • Car park

* Remember that we do not provide any single-use packaging at the life bases

  • Feed zone (on route): 1
    Feed zone 1. To determinate
  • Finish feed zone
  • Site: Parc de les ribes del ter
    Time: until 12:00 PM
  • Feed zone product
  • Finish Line Feed Zone: water, isotonic drink, beer, coffee, fruit, nuts, olives, potato omelette, fuet (all gluten-free), pasta or rice.On-Route Feed Zone: water, isotonic drink, green cola, potato omelette, sweets, quince paste, banana, orange, fuet, nuts, olives

Individual Categories:

  • Female Overall
  • Male Overall
  • Non-Binary

E-Bike Category


E-Bikes are allowed