560 KM +10.000M

GPS route – Unmarked route

1 May 2024
Departure time: 07:00 AM
Cathedral of Girona
3 days 12 hours

The Traka is a non-competitive bicycle outing that is carried out on Gravel roads, sections of paved roads and trails completely open to the transit of any other vehicle, such as trucks, tractors, hunters, neighbors or tourists. The route has only 200 registration places, those who have done and finished The Traka 360 will have priority.

Strict compliance with the highway code is mandatory, driving in the right lane at all times and respecting all indications.

Ethics, camaraderie, and respect for the environment are the most important values we demand from participants. Participants are allowed to stop for meals, dinner, lunch, bike repairs, or sleep, as long as they resume the route where they last left off.

Participants will be guided by the GPS Navigation system. The traffic code and all its instructions must be strictly followed.

To participate in The Traka adventure you must provide a link to prove your ultra-distance experience, at least you must have done The Traka 360 or provide a link to the result of an event of at least 300 km with 5,000 meters of elevation gain positive or 10,000 accumulated.


  • Distance and altimetry
    Real distance: 560 k
    Positive incline: +10.000 m
    Acumulated incline: 20.000 m
    Maximum altitude: 2.060 m
    Minimum altitude: 0 m
  • Terrain
    Track: 290 km
    Asphalt: 270 km
  • First participant time: 25 hores
    Limit time: 3 days 12 hours
  • Limit times (pass control)
    Finish: 7:00 PM Saturday
  • Navigation GPS (no marks)
  • Tracking for geolocator
  • The Traka Adventure it is an route where all traffic regulations and local day and night laws must be complied with. In the case of leaving the route, driving on motorways and dual carriageways is completely prohibited. REMEMBER! Leaving the high mountain area, to return to Girona the vehicles are sent on the motorways N-260 TÚNELS DE COLLABÓS and A-26 Olot to Besalú.
  • On the route you can experience and encounter unexpected situations, some risky and others not, ex. Fires, traffic accidents, works on paths or roads… It is important that you think that you have to be one more and respect the instructions of the authorities or competent people at this time. If you leave the route and recalculate the route due to some adversity of this type, nothing happens.
  • The departure goes through high mountain, mid-mountain, coastal and plain areas, keep in mind that the climate is very varied depending on the area you are in, the difference between the high areas and the coast can vary by up to 20 degrees and at night up to 30 degrees. Therefore, you must bear in mind that during the hours you are on the route you may encounter adverse weather situations such as: rain, snow, granite, electrical storms, high temperatures or unexpected flooding of rivers.
  • The traka adventure it’s a partner or individual adventure, so you’re not allowed to ride the wheel of another cyclist other than your partner.
  • The adventure has no refueling zone, you have to be self-sufficient with yourself, you can stop to recharge and buy, but no outside assistance is allowed. Pre-event reservations for accommodation or restaurants are not permitted. It is also not allowed to receive help from another participant to be pulled with rubbers, ropes or propelling by hand.
  • In the event of a medical emergency or breakdown of your bicycle, you can take the transport you deem necessary. Remember that if you continue you must do so from the same point you left the route.
  • In the category for couples, support may be provided, but under no circumstances can you be dragged by a rope, command or rubber. If one of the 2 components leaves, the partner can follow, but will not be classified at any time.
  • OnThe Traka adventurethe organization will not provide any kind of insurance and is not responsible for any direct damage and/or indirectly to you or to third parties. You are required to have insurance, and therefore, you must take into account that it must cover you:
  • Cycling all day and night.
  • Bear in mind that all the responsibility lies with you.
  • The insurance has to have explicitly: death and illness, medical coverage for a minimum of 6 months.
  • In the case of being from a country outside the event, the insurance has to cover extradition and repatriation.




  • Official gift
  • Finisher gift
  • Environmental tax
  • Code Komoot to download the track
  • Online time
  • Online Photos
  • Car park


Individual categories

    • Absolut woman
    • Absolut man
    • No binary

Team categories*

    • Woman
    • Man
    • Mix

E-Bikes categorie

*The team categories do not score the Gravel Earth Series

E-Bikes are allowed