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Seigla [Say-glaa]

Lauf Seigla is designed for gravel racing, without compromises! While also fitting extreme tires for your roughest rides.

Designing a bike to excel at long and challenging gravel races means designing it not just to be fast on a variety of surfaces, and in a variety of conditions. It also needs to be reliable, comfortable and easy to service. Traits that make it your perfect do-it-all everyday bike.

Most bikes are made to fulfil demand, rather than pushing that demand into unchartered territory. A good bike can be made by playing by the book, and doing so diligently. Making a great one demands steps into the unknown.

Making a great bike is not just about physics. A great bike needs to know its place in the world, know the role it shall play, the desires it should fulfil. It must not get lost along the way.

With Seigla we aim to redefine gravel. We aim to combine speed with capability like never before.

Seigla – Core Wireless
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Seigla – Weekend Warrior Wireless
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Seigla – Race Transmission
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Seigla – Ultimate
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